European Copper Chimney Pots Stand up in a Storm

Bishop Chimney CapFrom violent thunderstorms, to high winds and hail, we build our homes to stand up Mother Nature’s strongest natural forces. This spring and summer, more than ever, homeowners across the country are looking for building products that can withstand the wicked weather.  If you’re in the market for a chimney cap that can stand up to a storm look no further than a European Copper Chimney Cap!

Consider the effects of a hail storm on a roof.  The potential impact has been well documented, but the effect of hail on European Copper Chimney Caps, standing atop the same roof, is less. The average hail stone is nickel-size and because of its weight, falls vertically from above the freezing air line, approximately 6,000 to 7,000 feet in the air. As you’ve probably noticed, hail damage on cars is almost exclusively on the hood, top, and trunk. Even though a strong wind can shift the trajectory of hail, the bigger the hail stone, the more vertical the drop.  The top lid of a European Copper Chimney Pot is made from 20 ounce copper and pressed into a sturdy seamless plate. The top’s lip hangs out far enough from the sides to deflect any direct hits from the falling hail.

European Copper caps are also engineered and certified to withstand hurricane force winds and in the winter can support a 10-foot snow load. All of which speak to quality and serve as a reminder that the best is always a better buy.